Wednesday, 11 May 2016

OpenStack meeting

Came back from Fujitsu HQ in London, hearing some of the problems faced by the community and made a few contacts.

A couple of presentations were made by various customers/companies and it looks to be used in some various ways. Had an Ubuntu guy showing this ontop of his laptop with KVM + LXD  also known as  "LXC 2.0" with ZFS underneath. I noticed he had 28% fragmentation on his zpool (only 1 vdev) which seems a little odd to me and wondering why that is. Running many of these LXD "containers" he used some lxc command to take snapshot (ZFS underneath) then something like rm -rf / and was after able to recover this from snapshot. 

So: Ubuntu - KVM - Systemd - LXD - ZFS - OpenStack

Unusual viewpoint that seems backwards to me from this Ubuntu guy: "create lxd containers, each with different OpenStack service running per container to then run OpenStack on top of this?" - Reason was if you have more systems running and want to do some upgrade from distribution you can migrate those OpenStack services within those containers to another machine then do upgrade for example and migrate everything back... or if disk fails, memory fails etc...

I get the feeling this is probably being done over complicated for one. Maybe it can be done easier but I haven't really played with how Ubuntu is doing these things. so could be handy to discuss with some of the developers maybe and look into more user cases, many people around the world are working on this and contributing. I reckon it'll be easier to see what they've done and go from there.

I heard problems after mass deployment across 1,000+ linux hosts with KVM attempting upgrades across systems. From what I heard described it could be people rushing to use this and implement without first thinking longer term. What problems could we encounter? How to we manage upgrades? How will this scale?

It appears might be possible to use something other than Neutron for SDN (software defined networking) We were shown some demo but didn't tell much. (more about pretty bubbly GUI)

Apparently it was a big problem and no clean direct upgrade from Nova to Neutron. Required "entire rebuild" Nova is deprecated -

Also Fujitsu are creating a new type of software based from OpenStack. called "K5" doing "Iaas + PaaS" with 200+ more APIs than base OpenStack. Taking this on as an internal Global product to attempt saving millions in the process. (All done on Redhat & CentOS, not anything else.)

It looks like everyone around is thinking around the same areas in this Cloud and Container space then how to make money out of it across larger scales of various customers. If so much focus is directed to this are we therefore missing on other aspects around that are happening? I will be following up on this more.

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