Monday, 2 May 2016

Openstack beginnings

Lately been looking into using OpenS. From what I have gathered it looks to be better integrated into Solaris than Linux, although more up to date versions are more easily available on Linux to get hold of.

Part of the OpenStack service "Glance" requires .uar (Unified Archives) for host deployments and so it is probably a preferred method to use .uar for installation of the zone/kernel zone across systems as well to keep this the same everywhere.

I'm thinking that it'd be good to practise re-install a few times, reverse engineer what is inside the publicly available .uar from Oracle which we're using as a test bed. It was generated using 11.3 GA and further steps haven't been described in much detail. I want to customise the install to be lightweight and only contain what we need to make deployments faster so it'll be easier to scale at the same time when and if we get further down that road.

I also will have to get a bit more used to the front end interface and think about what kind of "flavours" we could also configure for use. (type of zone + resources). I was surprised to discover a bug present that no-one looks to have found using the Archives for installation, in the manifest file to install you have a section like

<software_data action="install">
<name>{deployable system name}</name>

I was unsure what this <name> tag is for, I figured maybe zone name but turns out this is for the Deployable System name, the bug means this much match the name in the manifest for the archive otherwise it will fail to install with no useful output in the install log for why it failed. "list index out of range" it should work with any name but is recommended to match the same as the .uar file which is simple to check with archiveadm info <name of .uararchive file>. I further found other documents that I've had Oracle correct with minor typos on archives. 

Need to find out what different packages and services are required and how to configure these for the different node types, how to have this prepared out the box. Also want to setup some options on FS like compress and atime off where possible. One simple problem atm is trying to install from an archive I get an "ERROR: Archived zone oscn-uar-kz has no AI media" hmm... "Archive creation failed: Failed to locate AI media, --exclude-media may be used" but I cannot create without -e due to that... tried another zone and same error...

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