Tuesday, 21 June 2016

SMB sharing

Recently while at home I thought a good way to use one of my idle systems would just be for some storage space for windows clients, for things like backups media sharing or whatever.

Following http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/servers-storage-admin/solaris-zfssmb-sharing-2390458.html is largely simple. Only thing I have trouble with is modifying the path that appears client side with the syntax of the sharesmb property. I've also been wanting to know more about the property 'vscan' as if you've got windows clients housing documents in this centralized location may as well do some checks.

The docs on vscan don't give enough information on how to use this; you can configure, install the packages and enable the service but you must have some scan engine IDs which I cannot find reference on how to get those IDs. I'll have to look into that missing part.

Still waiting on my replacement x99 board, at least a few weeks to a month I've been told...once I get this I'd probably do shadow migration or simply send a snapshot over to the rebuilt system.

I also setup on the windows 10 client side file history with the SMB volumes and it was a pain to do. For some reason it kept on crashing and I had to disconnect and re-map the network drive, reset the config on file history etc before I managed to get it working to automatically backup windows files and specific paths/folders to the drive. While at it I setup copies=2 on some more important data server side. Perhaps I should also find out how I can setup autosnapshots in addition. Next task could be to configure some headless vbox windows hosts for people to use when needed.

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